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Partial-Bake Artisanal Pizza Delivery

Order before 2PM for price discounts and to avoid sell-outs
Delivery is 4PM- 7PM

How it works

click on your delivery area

If you're not sure which area is yours, just pick what you think is the closest one

add your pizzas to the cart

If you Pre-Order before 2PM you'll have a bigger selection, avoid sell-outs, and get price discounts

select your delivery time

You can pick an hour window, or greater, between 4PM and 7PM.

What is Pizza Matador?


Yes, you read that correctly. Order between 4PM and 7PM and we'll deliver to your door in around 30 minutes. Don't be shocked if we show up in less than 5 (we've done it before.)

Primo Ingredients

Our sauce is made with organic tomatoes and we often use organic, seasonal, and locally-sourced produce. We also feature nitrate-free meats from such brands as Fra'mani and Creminelli. Basically, what we serve your family is the same as what we serve our own families.

48 Hour Ferment

Our dough ferments for a total of 48 hours before baking, making the end product both exceptionally tasty and easier to digest than normal dough. We like to think of our dough in the same way that one might think of a fine bottle of wine.

Lower Prices

You can order before 2PM for lower prices. Plus, with NO TAX and NO DELIVERY CHARGE, you'll find that our higher-quality pizzas actually cost less than the competition.

Piping-Hot Pizza

We know from experience that pizzas are often delivered lukewarm and soggy. Because our pizzas are partially-baked, with you finishing the baking-process at home, they are always fresh and hot out of the oven.


Because our pizzas are partially-baked, we've been able to do away with the pizza box and all the wastefulness that comes along with it (our packaging just looks better too.)



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