42 Things You Absolutely Must Do in the East Bay this Summer

June 01, 2016

42 Things You Absolutely Must Do in the East Bay this Summer

Experience A LEGIT PIZZA Delivery

The pizza guy is at my front door. But there's no cardboard box; there's something wrapped in butcher paper. And the pizza isn't even cooked. Yet it's one of the more exciting, original, flavorful pies you can get in the East Bay. How it works: Visit Pizza Matador's website, behold the awesome daily specials (such as the jamon serrano ham, pineapple, romesco and manchego pie, $23, and it's gentle zing and citrus bite). Pro tip: Anticipate your craving for Matador and order earlier in the day, before their pizzas sell out. Then, later, between the hours of 4-8 p.m., Matador will transport partially baked full pies. All you have to do is fire them up for a few minutes, then enjoy this high-quality, 100 percent organic delivery piping hot, as it should be. Bonus: No delivery charge (but, please, don't be a cheap ass, tip the driver).

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