1. Preheat oven to 475 degrees
2. Slide pizza from cardboard onto MIDDLE oven rack
3. Bake for 5-10 minutes, or until the crust turns golden brown

If the top of your pizzas are cooking but not the bottom, try cooking on a lower rack.  If the bottom of your pizzas are cooking but not the top, try cooking on a higher rack.

You can cook more than one pizza at the same time but only if they are on the same rack. Do not cook pizzas above or below one another. 
    Do not use a stone or pan unless you are going to preheat the stone or pan for a minimum of 15 minutes, preferably half an hour. If so, you can bake the pizza on the piping hot stone or pan. 

    If you have a convection oven, you should turn on the fan while warming the oven but please turn off the fan while cooking the pizza. Leaving the fan on will overcook the top of the pizza before the bottom is finished.

    Many of our customers love to cook our pies on the outdoor grill. Ideally, if you have a pizza stone, you can simply heat that on the grill. But you can also put the pizza directly on the grate of a Lil' Weber and cook above the hot coals. There are many ways of doing it. The most important thing is not to overcook the top before the bottom browns.
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