Pizza Hawaiian BBQ Chicken!

We absolutely love our BBQ Chicken pizza. The homemade sauce with only out-of-the-cupboard ingredients blends scrumptiously with the chicken, red onion, and cilantro. Recently, however, one of the fellas in our kitchen added some fresh pineapple to the pie and, wowsers, it was suddenly even tastier than before. Make yourself a Mai-Tai and try one for yourself.

Celebrate the month of Saint Patrick with Pizza Colcannon!

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made from mashed potatoes, kale, and green onions, and this here is our interpr...

Pizza Asparagi!

This is one of our favorite times of year. We love that moment when we show up at the market and see, for the first t...

The TradPie

What to say about this pizza?It's nothing fancy. Not hipster. There's no gourmet recipe involved. No fruit, no delica...

Celebrate Valentine's Day with our new Raspberry & Goat Cheese pizza!

In honor of the most romantic of all months, we wanted to create a new pizza that was both tasty and pretty. What we ...

The Return of El Toro!!

This here is our signature pizza and the very first recipe that we created.The Spanish-inspired combination of spicy ...

Now Delivering to SAN FRANCISCO !!!

Yes, we're heading across the Bay Bridge. We've been having lots of fun delivering pizzas in the East Bay over the la...
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