Pizza Matador and your Health & Safety

Most of you, alas, are confined to your homes for the coming weeks and many of you will be turning to Matador more than usual or, perhaps, for the first time. Consequently, we wanted you to know how Matador has always dealt with food safety, as well to inform you of the new additional changes that we're making.

When we first created the Matador model, back in 2015, we took food safety strongly into consideration. We knew from experience that pizzas, like all meals which are delivered hot, often spend 30 minutes or more sitting inside a box. The food is warm and moist and a perfect breeding ground for pathogens.

We sought to design a system that avoided this problem. As a result, our pizzas are delivered cold and you, the customer, finish baking the pizza at a high temperature, thereby ensuring that your meal is as clean as possible.

But that is not the only reason our particular model is ideal for the current situation:

  • All transactions are done online through credit card, making us a cash-free business and ensuring that our drivers never need to handle this easy-spreader of pathogens. If you're a customer that likes to tip in cash, rest-assured that drivers receive the gratuity that is added on your credit card.
  • Our drivers are our employees, instead of workers for a large delivery service, so we are able to be very exclusive in who we hire and we can closely monitor their health status.
  • Since we only serve one food and it is a baked product, and we never prepare raw meats or seafood, our kitchen is extraordinarily clean.
  • Because our pizzas are cold, they can safely be left by the customer's door for long periods of time. If you desire to have the pizza left for you, just leave a note on the order instructing your driver where to put it.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, part of a healthy immunity is a healthy diet. Our dough ferments for 2-3 days and contains merely flour, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and fresh yeast. Only organic tomatoes, tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and oregano find their way into our tomato sauce. Our meats come from brands like Fra'Mani and Creminelli that are nitrate-free. And our menu changes with the seasons so there is always a fresh vegetable option available.

So whether you're getting a Ortolana pizza to make sure the kids eat their veggies, or a pepperoni pie to munch on while watching that old VHS recording of a 1980's A's game, we want you all to know that you're safe in ordering from Matador.

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